• Universal Life Minister

  • Homeopathic Counselor

  • Aura-soma Counselor

  • Quantum Energy Practitioner

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As a holistic therapist I've had great success with clients with really complex issues. I came to the realization that I could provide greater service by getting my doctorate to teach counseling students at the graduate level some of what I have learned from holistic and alternative approaches.
  • Licensed professional counselor with a PhD in Psychology
  • Graduate professor at three online universities
  • Reiki Master
  • Professionally trained transpersonal counselor
  • Art therapist
While my teaching centers around traditional psychology courses, I am able to introduce in each of my courses Positive Psychology, Integrative practices, and Holistic approach to treatment. In this way the populace will benefit from more holistic therapists who practice healing from the body-mind-emotions-spirit approach.

About Tricia Chandler, PhD, MA, LPC, MAC, BCPC, Hom Dlp

I am dedicated to using holistic approaches to healing that integrate body, emotions, and mind with positive / energy psychology to help people develop a masculine-feminine balance through personal growth and self discovery. 

"Because those who do not know how to weep do not know how to laugh either."

―  Golda Meir
All of the theoretical and practical skills of my trade are used in my counseling practice to facilitate the personal journey of each of my clients toward transformation and self-mastery.