This course will begin with each New Moon.

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The Butterfly has been actively one of my major guides from childhood on, and has spurred me to seek the path of Transformative Energy throughout my life in Peak Experiences, Artistic Endeavors, and in pursuing higher knowledge through science, metaphysics, mysticism and practicing in the therapeutic fields. Synthesizing science, art, consciousness, and spiritual growth has provided me with the mastery to help others empower themselves toward Self-Empowerment and Wellness.

We are on the verge of the New Age. While we have been moving toward that since the 1960s, and the purveyors of the Mayan Calendar thought we would enter the Aquarian Age by 12/21/2012 it would seem the Mayan wisdom keepers are correct in suggesting that end date for the old calendar is more likely 2020. Astrological insights suggest that an age lasts around 2100 years, and it can take 60-100 years to fully settle in. In light of what we can see on the world and U.S. arena these days, one can assume there are those struggling with letting go of the Piscean Age. This is the time to raise one’s consciousness and vibration to the Light to usher in a new era of compassion, health, and joy.


Dr. Tricia Chandler, a Transpersonal Counselor and Art Therapist has combined a variety of healing approaches to help survivors of childhood abuse integrate memories and heal their lives.

 Transformational Journey Toward Self-Empowerment & Wellness:
Synthesizing Science, Art, Consciousness, & Spirit.

This 90 - Day experiential course supports you in taking an exponential leap towards your own Empowerment & Wellness. Throughout the weekly one hour sessions:
  • Sacred space:

- Healing energy will be provided.

- Integrative concepts on Body-Mind-Spirit will be presented.

- Self-limiting beliefs that sabotage passion for life & wellness will be explored.

- Energy medicine, tools for developing congruence in all areas of life taught.

- Participants have the opportunity to send in health concerns, questions to the author.

​- Worksheets for further personal exploration of the material provided.

This course will begin with the New Moon on June, 23rd.

For a complete description of the course or any questions, please contact me @ 

"All you really need to do is accept this moment fully. You are then at ease in the here and now and at ease with yourself."

― Eckhart Tolle